My mom is the strongest person I know.The other day I was on the phone with her. She was telling me about running into a lady that used to go to the same church years ago. As they talked the lady asked my mom how my dad was. Momma told her that he had passed away three years ago. She went on to give the lady a brief history of his illness and the last three months of his life in the hospital.

I remember those months as if they happened yesterday. Momma and I were there every day. As the days passed I would look at her during the silent times. She’d either be looking at my dad, out the window, or into space. There were four times in which the doctors thought Daddy was going to pass away. I thought after so many weeks in the hospital and so many close calls my mom was losing hope that he would ever get better. I told her one day not to give up on him. She said of course not but I wasn’t so sure. It had been such a long time, everyday all day and then with the lack of sleep at night, a person gets worn down. I’ll admit that my belief wavered within the first month.

She told the lady that there was never a time when she thought my father wouldn’t come back home. When it hit me that she was telling the truth my admiration for her grew even more. For 51 years she never gave up on him and wasn’t about to start during the last months of his life. If there is one thing my mother has taught me is to never lose hope. You may fumble with it from time to time but don’t let it go. Because once its gone there’s nothing left. During the difficult times when your hope feels as if its slipping through your fingers find something that helps you escape for a while as it strengthens.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma.

I love you.









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