Hey everyone and welcome to my brand new website!!! I’ve never had a website before. I feel all grownup and purposeful, as if I’m somebody now. It’s like when you see your name in the phone book for the first time. For those of you too young to remember, a phone book is what people used to use to find and stalk others. Now we simply Google which is a more invasive procedure but quick. Have I mentioned that I kind of suck at blogging? See above rambling. ^

This site will keep you up-to-date on me, my books, my happenings, and other fun things. I have to give a huge THANK YOU my husband Jef for putting this site together. We are still adding fun stuff to it, so keep checking back.

I’m going to throw back a Diet Pepsi, a handful of M&Ms with peanuts, and get to writing. Catch y’all later.








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