I started a 10 day green smoothie cleanse this past week. Today marks day 5 of consuming nothing but smoothies loaded with spinach, kale, apples, grapes, bananas, all kinds of berries, and flaxseed. I haven’t had a hot meal in five days. FIVE DAYS!!! To my surprise I’m actually sticking to it and haven’t missed eating as much as I thought I would. Although, yesterday when I looked down at my yellow lab Jack curled up on the floor, his head morphed into a Big Mac with large fries. I’m more energetic and feel really good, so all this healthy stuff must be working. I do have one complaint. On the cover of a lot of these books the smoothies are a pretty bright shade of green. In reality, they look like mud. Some of them look like mud mixed with things. I won’t mention what things because I have 5 more days left to drink this stuff.


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I became a fan of 2 new TV shows this week.

Orange Is The New Black: I kept hearing and seeing things all over the place about this show. It wasn’t until my friend Marilyn commanded me to watch that I actually did. Marilyn was the one who got me started on my Sons of Anarchy obsession, so I figured I needed to listen to her. Besides she scares me a little bit.

I really like the show. Its on Netflix of all places. I kept seeing it touted as a comedy and even though there are some funny moments, I wouldn’t call it a comedy or even a dark comedy.  Either way, its a great show and worth checking out.



Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: I love clever smart comedy and Jerry Seinfeld is one of the kings. I adore this show. The title says it all. Jerry picks up comedians or comic actors, they drive around in some fantastic or ridiculous looking car, go for coffee, and talk about random things. Its hilarious and nostalgic. The show is online so just search and it will pop up.



That’s all I got this week. Have a great week!!!!




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